Finding Home in Southeast Asia

Studying, traveling, and absorbing the culture and lifestyle in Thailand and Bali as my first trip to SouthEast Asia was eye-opening to say the least. I learned so much about Buddhism and Hinduism, body work, Thai massage, Qui Gong, moon cycles, deities, temples and the zen way of life.

Bali was a personal favorite, since I grew up in Hawaii in the tropics, some deep heart healing occurred for me on the island. Traveling alone was challenging but allowed me freedom to move, adventure and learn as I chose. Experiencing the wildlife and nature in Bali was unlike any place I’ve visited before. So many unique animals, fruits and plants to study!

Some of my favorite experiences in Thailand was getting to practice Qui Gong under the exact full moon on the top of a mountain in Pai at a Kung Fu center, painting and making art in a small bungalow by the river in Northern Thailand, and riding scooters around the countryside and valley of Pai. There is much we can learn from the Thai people and their grace, ease, polite, and fun “sanuk” way of life. The white and back temples of Chiang Rai were a fascinating representation of contemporary Thai art installations. Here are some photos to share the journey. Looking forward to being back in this part of the world again in this lifetime! <3

Big thank you to my friend Robert at for the travel tips and helping me plan out my first trip to Asia.


My art is about merging the unseen with reality, the spiritual, mystical side of life with what we can see. The artwork I create is documentary fiction, telling a personal story of my life journey. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I paint and design in my beachside Venice studio.

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