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Rose Alchemy


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    The Rose Alchemist symbolizes the life-blood of the feminine, and the healing power of love. Inspired by the red rose stained glass windows in my home in Topanga, I began to study the fundamentals of alchemy and the symbol of the red rose. In some cultures, Red Roses symbolize rebirth and renewal. In others, it represents alchemy and transformation. The intertwining roots and trees symbolize gender alchemy, and growing into and away from each other. Once the roots of the psyche have been intertwined when you grow into a relationship, it can be hard to untangle them. Ultimately, this painting is inspired by my return to nature in moving to the mountains, surrounded by nature and her lush life force.

    This listing is for a one-of-a-kind 18 x 24 inch Artist’s Proof hand-retouched giclee print on paper. A giclee is a high quality, archival print. Each print is hand retouched and signed by me. The giclee will be shipped in a rolled tube to ensure it arrives unscathed.

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