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“Third Eye Pinecone” Custom Spirit Animal Pendant


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    This collaboration between Hannah Natali and ThirdEye Pinecones is truly a unique necklace! Our hand-painted ThirdEye Pinecone Pendants feature YOUR custom spirit animal. For a short time accepting custom spirit animal orders! There may also a selection of pre-made animal pieces available, selection varies. ThirdEye Pinecones Price includes shipping and arrives ready to wear laced on a vegan sinew necklace.

    *Please allow 4-5 weeks to complete, as many hands in Austin, TX and Santa Cruz, CA and lots of love go into the making of these custom necklaces.

    Visit www.ThirdEyePinecones.com to show them some love and browse their wide selection of magnificent cones!

    Third Eye Pinecones are hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest Pinecone – a species which can only reproduce in forest fire – the Knobcone Pine.

    Our Pinecones are sustainably wild-gathered high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, then carefully dried, aged, and cured, before one single cross-section is cut from the “heart” of each cone. Taking only one cross-section per cone allows the remainder of every Pinecone to be harvested and germinated for seed, helping to ensure the future abundance of this unique species of Conifer. (See our Eco-Responsibility section for more info)

    After the initial cut, every pendant is painstakingly cleaned, sanded and polished, then artistically scrutinized to assure that the style and/or inlay perfectly match the unique “personality” of each individual cone. Finally, Third Eye Pinecones are sealed in an elegant, burnished wood-working resin to highlight and protect the organic fractal beauty unveiled within each talisman. Our talented team has spent years perfecting this complex process in a consistent and environmentally friendly fashion.

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