Live Embodiment Project

Last week for the grand opening of a new gallery space for Big Ass Canvas in downtown Austin, I unveiled the “Live Embodiment” project which has been brewing in my mind for months now. With my subject matter being predominantly mystic women, I’ve often dreamt of embodying these characters. The challenge of dressing as a magical being I imagined in my mind, combined with ethereal environments and swarms of flora and fauna seemed like quite a feat. Thankfully we had some creative minds on board and it came together beautifully.

Four woman and myself painted our faces, adorned ourselves with head crowns, skulls, flowers and fauna, and arrived to the opening in full embodiment. We received a wide range of reactions, from shocked, to intrigued, to confused. Some asked question after question, while others looked from afar, not sure if it was appropriate to talk to the live art.

The most surprising outcome has been people catching on, spontaneously dressing as my paintings and tagging me on Instagram. There has been four people already who dressed as “Ghost Wolf!” These acts inspire me to keep creating.

Before the event, portrait photographer Dalton Campbell arrived at my studio to photograph each of us through our interpretation of our piece. Dalton and I posed the models and he used his skills and lighting to mimic the environment of each painting. Here are the results of the shoot, which may end up being an ongoing project. What is your reaction? Please leave comments below!

xx Hannah



Julia Vieau as “Golden Lotus”

Lauren Bruno as “Su Majestad”  // vocalist and musician:

Paige Swanson as “Metamorphosis”

Jessy Lee as “Golden Nectar”

Hannah Natali as “Ghost Wolf”

Live_Embodiment_JuliaLive_Embodiment_LaurenLive_Embodiment_PaigeLive_Embodiment_Jess copyLive_Embodiment_Hannah




My art is about merging the unseen with reality, the spiritual, mystical side of life with what we can see. The artwork I create is documentary fiction, telling a personal story of my life journey. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I paint and design in my beachside Venice studio.

Comments (9)
  1. Rebecca Fischer says:

    What a beautiful project and way to bring a sort of reality to art that already exists. That we all embody different archetypes and that they change and merge throughout life. I love this project!!

    1. Hannah Natali Hannah Natali says:

      Hi Rebecca! It’s a bit of a reversal for me to make a model out of a painting, as I usually work the other way around. Using archetypes has been powerful medicine for me… that we can re-define ourselves through empowerment rather than the archetypes we’re served in the mainstream media. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave your reaction!

  2. Kirstin says:

    This project turned out amazing. Wonderful job yet again on accomplishing just an idea and making it a reality.

    1. Hannah Natali Hannah Natali says:

      Kirstin, it was a challenge but I have so many inspiring and encouraging people around me, especially the other ladies involved, and Travis Huse, the man behind our artist-driven gallery space.. so I am seriously blessed to have a space to act this out and make it real!

  3. Megan says:

    Hannah this is a fantastic collaboration of painting and photography! Great vision! I’m excited to see more!

    1. Hannah Natali Hannah Natali says:

      Thank you Megan! I’m glad you got to see, you’ve been such an inspiration for me this year! Thank you for everything. 🙂

  4. Maggie McCloud says:

    Hannah, these are incredible!! I love the concept so much, and you all look absolutely stunning. Beautiful idea!

    1. Hannah Natali Hannah Natali says:

      Maggie, it would be a dream for you to embody Rising Phoenix! Although you already have… WOW! Maybe we can do it again sometime. Love you.

  5. Alice says:

    Absolutely stunning Hannah! You all did an amazing jog bringing the art to life. I would absolutely love to see this become an ongoing project!!

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