MURAL Street Art Festival in Montreal – Hannah Natali’s Installation featured on WALL2WALL

garage-nataliMURAL festival is an international art festival based in Montreal, which aims to celebrate the creativity and democratize urban art. Top artists from all over the world are invited to create art to be displayed on the streets along St. Laurent Boulevard, where over 80,000 attendees will witness the live creation of these pieces over the span of the festival.  MURAL aims to bring together artistic activities that are linked with urban art and graffiti painting, while encouraging new media and out-of-the-box thinking like large installations and mixed media or interactive works.

Read full article featuring Hannah Natali’s piece in MURAL 2014 here.


My art is about merging the unseen with reality, the spiritual, mystical side of life with what we can see. The artwork I create is documentary fiction, telling a personal story of my life journey. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I paint and design in my beachside Venice studio.

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