Divine Light with Lux + Luz

Dusk hit on my last evening in Austin before moving to Venice, California, while a friend and powerful goddess Alexis stopped in to create some magic. I was house sitting for dear friends and watching their kitties when Alexis knocked on the door at 8:45pm, the exact time of the full moon! As we realized mama moon was shining in full force, we went to look it up on my favorite blog to read about moon cycles, and the symbolism of May 3rd’s full moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio moon brings in the dark energies, which was definitely showed up in the photoshoot, but together we ultimately shined light and positivity throughout the project. Here are some of the expressions that came out of it.

As she walks in the door, Alexis remarks that siamese twins are her spirit animals – never heard of such a thing! She is delighted as the twin siamese cats run towards her, eager for affection. Alexis has just launched a line of jewelry called Lux + Luz, and her logo is two siamese cats. Pretty incredible coincidence! So we couldn’t resist taking a few shots with the purring cuties. Enjoy!

Model: Alexis Centeno
@alexiseyes on Instagram
@luxandluz for her new high-vibe jewelry line

Head pieces by @CorinneLoperfido and @Herabyday

Styling + Photography by me ^_^



My art is about merging the unseen with reality, the spiritual, mystical side of life with what we can see. The artwork I create is documentary fiction, telling a personal story of my life journey. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I paint and design in my beachside Venice studio.

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