Second Nature solo show in Venice, Los Angeles

Merging the unseen with reality, Second Nature features mixed media paintings by Hannah Natali, channeling the mysterious source of all life. Exploring connections between humans and animals as spirit guides, these new archetypal images embody our second nature as wild beings.

A surprise “living art” experience will be unveiled one night only for the Venice Art Crawl, featuring Live Embodiment by Nikki Starr Noce, Asha Kalka, Laurasia Mattingly & Paula Pavlova, and Hannah Natali, one block from Abbot Kinney at 310 Gallery on Westminster. Styling for Live Embodiment created by Hannah Natali in collaboration with Corinne Loperfido. 

Woman x Women International Exhibit in Montreal, Canada

Participating in MURAL festival last year and leaving my painting up on an abandoned building off Saint Laurent Blvd led to some unexpected outcomes. One of which, being invited back to the beloved city of Montreal for an international exhibit this summer, of 30 women artists who paint predominantly women subjects. As a generally underrepresented minority, Mira Silvers of Sugar4Brains, hand-picked and curated a one of a kind exhibit highlighting women artists who are making statements in the art world.

The show was held at urban contemporary Station 16 Gallery on Saint Laurent Blvd, just below the office of Landmark, the producers and founders of MURAL Festival on street with the largest outdoor gallery of any city in North America, aside from Miami’s Wynwood Walls. Here are some photos of the exhibit captured by Montreal photographer Maxime Charron of This is HERD media.

Divine Light with Lux + Luz

Dusk hit on my last evening in Austin before moving to Venice, California, while a friend and powerful goddess Alexis stopped in to create some magic. I was house sitting for dear friends and watching their kitties when Alexis knocked on the door at 8:45pm, the exact time of the full moon! As we realized mama moon was shining in full force, we went to look it up on my favorite blog to read about moon cycles, and the symbolism of May 3rd’s full moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio moon brings in the dark energies, which was definitely showed up in the photoshoot, but together we ultimately shined light and positivity throughout the project. Here are some of the expressions that came out of it.

As she walks in the door, Alexis remarks that siamese twins are her spirit animals – never heard of such a thing! She is delighted as the twin siamese cats run towards her, eager for affection. Alexis has just launched a line of jewelry called Lux + Luz, and her logo is two siamese cats. Pretty incredible coincidence! So we couldn’t resist taking a few shots with the purring cuties. Enjoy!

Model: Alexis Centeno
@alexiseyes on Instagram
@luxandluz for her new high-vibe jewelry line

Head pieces by @CorinneLoperfido and @Herabyday

Styling + Photography by me ^_^


Finding Home in Southeast Asia

Studying, traveling, and absorbing the culture and lifestyle in Thailand and Bali as my first trip to SouthEast Asia was eye-opening to say the least. I learned so much about Buddhism and Hinduism, body work, Thai massage, Qui Gong, moon cycles, deities, temples and the zen way of life.

Bali was a personal favorite, since I grew up in Hawaii in the tropics, some deep heart healing occurred for me on the island. Traveling alone was challenging but allowed me freedom to move, adventure and learn as I chose. Experiencing the wildlife and nature in Bali was unlike any place I’ve visited before. So many unique animals, fruits and plants to study!

Some of my favorite experiences in Thailand was getting to practice Qui Gong under the exact full moon on the top of a mountain in Pai at a Kung Fu center, painting and making art in a small bungalow by the river in Northern Thailand, and riding scooters around the countryside and valley of Pai. There is much we can learn from the Thai people and their grace, ease, polite, and fun “sanuk” way of life. The white and back temples of Chiang Rai were a fascinating representation of contemporary Thai art installations. Here are some photos to share the journey. Looking forward to being back in this part of the world again in this lifetime! <3

Big thank you to my friend Robert at for the travel tips and helping me plan out my first trip to Asia.

Live Embodiment Project

Last week for the grand opening of a new gallery space for Big Ass Canvas in downtown Austin, I unveiled the “Live Embodiment” project which has been brewing in my mind for months now. With my subject matter being predominantly mystic women, I’ve often dreamt of embodying these characters. The challenge of dressing as a magical being I imagined in my mind, combined with ethereal environments and swarms of flora and fauna seemed like quite a feat. Thankfully we had some creative minds on board and it came together beautifully.

Four woman and myself painted our faces, adorned ourselves with head crowns, skulls, flowers and fauna, and arrived to the opening in full embodiment. We received a wide range of reactions, from shocked, to intrigued, to confused. Some asked question after question, while others looked from afar, not sure if it was appropriate to talk to the live art.

The most surprising outcome has been people catching on, spontaneously dressing as my paintings and tagging me on Instagram. There has been four people already who dressed as “Ghost Wolf!” These acts inspire me to keep creating.

Before the event, portrait photographer Dalton Campbell arrived at my studio to photograph each of us through our interpretation of our piece. Dalton and I posed the models and he used his skills and lighting to mimic the environment of each painting. Here are the results of the shoot, which may end up being an ongoing project. What is your reaction? Please leave comments below!

xx Hannah



Julia Vieau as “Golden Lotus”

Lauren Bruno as “Su Majestad”  // vocalist and musician:

Paige Swanson as “Metamorphosis”

Jessy Lee as “Golden Nectar”

Hannah Natali as “Ghost Wolf”

Live_Embodiment_JuliaLive_Embodiment_LaurenLive_Embodiment_PaigeLive_Embodiment_Jess copyLive_Embodiment_Hannah



Phoenix Rising Installation

Recently created my largest installation to date in downtown Austin! This project is especially exciting because of the emerging talent involved in this Austin based, artist-driven gallery. Dynamic and edgy, night events at the new gallery venue Big Ass Canvas often include cutting-edge artists, performers, dancers, and live musicians. Simply put, there’s no other gallery space like this in Austin! I built my “Phoenix Rising” installation in a small, dim-lit room in the back, serving as a sacred room within the gallery, where tea ceremonies, meditation, and random acts of creative expression continue to emerge organically.

The installation consists of a glittery gold side, and a dark, drippy black side, centered with a scale weighing golden light and darkness. Dreamcatchers made of organic materials hang from the tall ceilings creating an ethereal layer between the viewer and paintings hanging on the back wall. The paintings feature a phoenix rising from ashes in both eyes, ready to burn your darkness. Tiny LED twinkle-lights line a diamond third eye up high, along with the altar below. Viewers are encouraged to choose to burn their darkness or anything that isn’t serving them at the altar, empowering ourselves to bring light and newness into our lives.


Art for the People Gallery Project

Beginning in January 2014, I began working with a nonprofit based in Austin that was dedicated to providing homeless artists supplies and a space to create art once a week, then having art shows for them where they could sell their work. The woman behind it all, Deanna Serra, is a true heart-centered being with years of social enterprise and art experience. She invited me to come by trailer one day, where the artists were working and I have been inspired to be involved with the organization ever since.

In March 2014, Deanna decided to open a gallery as a permanent space to support the artists in her community. She called me, “I got a lease on a wonderful space on S. 1st St, and it’s going to be a gallery!” I was very happy for her, as she was passionate about the project and it was just a few blocks away from where I lived and have my studio. Deanna went on to renovate the old, run down building, investing primarily in the prime location of the space and working with local artists to beautify and refresh the space. Myself, Vincent Box of Garbage Beauty and Samo Soviet painted murals along the exterior of the building, 70 feet wide on either side, and painted a giant sign on the front of the building, reading, “Art for the People,” the new gallery name we came up with in a brainstorming session.

After months of painting and developing a cohesive brand identity, I designed a logo, business cards, website, and launched a marketing strategy for the new gallery. Creatively consulting in most every stage of the building planning & renovation, interior & exterior design, branding, and marketing strategy, this has been one of my biggest accomplishments of 2014!

I’m thrilled to announce the gallery is now open! Be sure to stop in for a visit, 1117 S. 1st Street in the bustling South 1st district of South Austin, lined with galleries, shops, hand-painted signage, cafes and delicious farm to table restaurants. Be sure to check out the murals and some of my pieces hanging inside the gallery, and leave a comment here if you are able to visit this unique space!

MURAL Street Art Festival in Montreal – Hannah Natali’s Installation featured on WALL2WALL

garage-nataliMURAL festival is an international art festival based in Montreal, which aims to celebrate the creativity and democratize urban art. Top artists from all over the world are invited to create art to be displayed on the streets along St. Laurent Boulevard, where over 80,000 attendees will witness the live creation of these pieces over the span of the festival.  MURAL aims to bring together artistic activities that are linked with urban art and graffiti painting, while encouraging new media and out-of-the-box thinking like large installations and mixed media or interactive works.

Read full article featuring Hannah Natali’s piece in MURAL 2014 here.

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