Art for the People Gallery Project

Beginning in January 2014, I began working with a nonprofit based in Austin that was dedicated to providing homeless artists supplies and a space to create art once a week, then having art shows for them where they could sell their work. The woman behind it all, Deanna Serra, is a true heart-centered being with years of social enterprise and art experience. She invited me to come by trailer one day, where the artists were working and I have been inspired to be involved with the organization ever since.

In March 2014, Deanna decided to open a gallery as a permanent space to support the artists in her community. She called me, “I got a lease on a wonderful space on S. 1st St, and it’s going to be a gallery!” I was very happy for her, as she was passionate about the project and it was just a few blocks away from where I lived and have my studio. Deanna went on to renovate the old, run down building, investing primarily in the prime location of the space and working with local artists to beautify and refresh the space. Myself, Vincent Box of Garbage Beauty and Samo Soviet painted murals along the exterior of the building, 70 feet wide on either side, and painted a giant sign on the front of the building, reading, “Art for the People,” the new gallery name we came up with in a brainstorming session.

After months of painting and developing a cohesive brand identity, I designed a logo, business cards, website, and launched a marketing strategy for the new gallery. Creatively consulting in most every stage of the building planning & renovation, interior & exterior design, branding, and marketing strategy, this has been one of my biggest accomplishments of 2014!

I’m thrilled to announce the gallery is now open! Be sure to stop in for a visit, 1117 S. 1st Street in the bustling South 1st district of South Austin, lined with galleries, shops, hand-painted signage, cafes and delicious farm to table restaurants. Be sure to check out the murals and some of my pieces hanging inside the gallery, and leave a comment here if you are able to visit this unique space!


My art is about merging the unseen with reality, the spiritual, mystical side of life with what we can see. The artwork I create is documentary fiction, telling a personal story of my life journey. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I paint and design in my beachside Venice studio.

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